Online Consultation for Eye Care

We offer online consultations with eye specialists. You can receive a prescription from your home or the nearest pharmacy.
Please understand the following advantages and disadvantages before your visit.

Reservations can be made online or via phone.

Advantages of Online Consultation

  • No waiting time in the waiting room: Online consultations are conducted via video calls, so there is no need to go to the clinic or wait in the waiting room.
  • Prescriptions are delivered to your home or the nearest pharmacy: you can receive your prescription at home and then go to the pharmacy to pick up your medication. Alternatively, we can fax your prescription to the nearest pharmacy.
  • You can receive treatment anywhere: you don’t have to go to the clinic, so you can save time and money on transportation.

Disadvantages of Online Consultation

  • Limitations of online consultation: Online consultations do not allow for physical examinations or various tests by the doctor, so the information obtained is limited compared to face-to-face consultations.
  • Possibility of switching to face-to-face consultation: If the doctor determines that online consultation is not appropriate, the consultation will be immediately switched to face-to-face consultation.

How to Receive Online Consultation

  1. Contact us via the website or by phone and briefly explain that you would like to receive an “online consultation” and the “desired consultation content.”
  2. Determine the date and time of your online consultation.
  3. Access the QR code below and add us as a friend on LINE.
  4. 横浜けいあい眼科LINE
  5. After adding us, send the following information to us on LINE to create your medical record:
    1. Photo of your health insurance card or medical certificate
    2. Date and time of your appointment
    3. Your name (full name and furigana)
    4. Your address (optional if you have a history of visiting our clinic)
    5. Your phone number (optional if you have a history of visiting our clinic)
    6. Reason for your visit (Please tell us why you would like to see us.)
    7. Name of the pharmacy (including the store name) and phone number where you would like to receive your medication. (If you know the fax number, we can respond more quickly.) We will fax your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice after the consultation. Please pick up your medication from the same pharmacy.
  6. Send us the above information by the date and time of your appointment. If all of the information is not received, we will not be able to start the consultation and your appointment will be changed.
  7. A doctor will contact you on your LINE account on the date and time of your appointment for an online consultation with the doctor.
    • The online consultation time is approximately 10-15 minutes.
    • The time of contact may vary by 15-20 minutes depending on the situation.
  8. After the consultation, we will issue the necessary prescription and send it to your home or the pharmacy of your choice. Please be sure to pick it up within 4 days. Please pay the consultation fee after the consultation is over.
    • Payment methods: bank transfer, PayPay, etc.
    • The consultation fee consists of the online consultation fee, prescription fee, and external medical care fee (system usage fee). The estimated consultation fee is as follows:
      • For patients with a 30% copayment: approximately 1,600 yen
      • For patients with a 20% copayment: approximately 1,300 yen
      • For patients with a 10% copayment: approximately 1,000 yen
    • The consultation will be completed after the payment is completed and the prescription is mailed.

**Tips for prompt delivery of medication**
Please research and specify a pharmacy that is open before your appointment. This will allow us to deliver your medication as quickly as possible. Please note that pharmacies are often closed on weekends and holidays.

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※English speaking doctors are available.

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